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Simply Spicy.

In the Beginning…

In the Spring of 2006, Neil Wernick was cycling along a seemingly-endless stretch of road through the Sinai desert in temperatures exceeding 105º. He was inspired by the stories he heard along the way about the ancient Spice Route he was criss-crossing on his journey and became fascinated by the age-old quest for far-away flavors and spices. 

This growing passion moved Neil to learn all he could about balancing tastes, textures, and sensations. He put his newly-found knowledge and passion together, focusing on fermentation…most notably the brining of sour pickles. It was soon after that Neil’s long-time friend, Nate Kruman, urged him to focus his blossoming spice and seasoning expertise to create a unique hot sauce using ingredients with biblical roots.   And Nate even had the name—Burning Bush. 

Here they are, a dozen years after the Middle East bike ride, Neil and Nate are the proud founders, producers, and marketers of Burning Bush® Foods, uniquely delighting foodies and heat-seekers alike with new and ancient flavor experiences that evoke the village squares of Mexico and the ancient spice trading routes of the Holy Land. Tasting IS believing!

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Tasting is believing.