Burning Bush® Hot Sauce

The taste of  WOW !

It all started in the garden.

The garden belonged to a guy named Neil, and it was thick with peppers, tomatoes, and ancient herbs from the Holy Land.The garden, along with friend and fellow-foodie, Nate, inspired Neil with an extraordinary idea: combine those herbs and veggies to create a hot sauce unlike any other.

The unexpected taste was a revelation. It didn’t just wake up the flavor of food, it made people smile. It promoted joy and human engagement. And a movement was born.

Produced lovingly in small batches, Neil and Nate use only carefully-selected and reliably-sourced ingredients to assure the freshest and most distinctive flavors possible. Every batch is tasted and tested at each step of measuring, blending, pasteurizing, and bottling, to fully appreciate the exciting, natural variations in taste, texture, and sensation…much like those of a fine wine. Only after each batch receives Neil’s approval is each bottle of Burning Bush meticulously hand-filled, sealed, and labeled for the enjoyment of heat-seekers and other passionate lovers of exceptional, savory cuisine.


Experience Burning Bush®

With its unique blend of chili peppers and ancient herbs from the Holy Land, Burning Bush® Essential Sauce (12 oz.) is a marinade, cooking and finishing sauce that wakes up the flavor of almost any dish. Add it to soups, stews, gravies, and roasts. Brush it on grilled meats or veggies. Use it as a savory dipping sauce. Be courageous and be transformed. Moderate heat.


Burning Bush® Hot Sauce fuses heat with flavor in its exotic pairing of Western chilies and ancient Middle Eastern herbs. Bottled as 1.7 oz. hot shots and 5 oz. woozies, the deep, rich flavor dares you to boldify your tuna, burgers, hummus, fries, guac, omelettes, drinks, barbeque, egg salad, you get the picture. Moderately-high heat.

Be mindful.

We believe food should be savored. That means slowing down to contemplate how food flavors change as they move across your palate. With unique flavors that evokes the village squares of Mexico and the spice trading routes of the Middle East, Burning Bush encourages mindful eating.

Take a bite, notice the tastes, textures, and sensations. If you wait until you no longer feel the heat before your next bite, you will naturally be eating more mindfully!


WOW ! Tasting IS believing.