Burning Bush® Kosher Hot Sauce


It all started in a garden. The garden belonged to a guy named Neil, and it was thick with tomatoes, peppers, and ancient herbs from the Middle East. The garden gave Neil an idea: combine those herbs and veggies to create a hot sauce unlike any other. The unexpected taste was a revelation. It didn’t just wake up the flavor of food, it made people smile. It promoted joy and human engagement. And a movement was born.

Be mindful.

We believe food should be savored. That means slowing down to contemplate how food flavors change as they move across your palate. With a unique flavor that evokes the village squares of Mexico and the spice trading routes of the Middle East, Burning Bush encourages mindful eating.


Experiment and Share.

Add Burning Bush to soups, stews, marinades, and chili. Use it as a dipping sauce. Brush it on grilled veggies, lamb, steaks, and chicken. Splash it on pizza, tuna melts, eggs, fries, hummus, salsa & chips, and subs. And let us know how you're using it! We'd love to hear your ideas and recipes.

Kosher commitment.

Burning Bush is Star-K Kosher certified, and is similarly kosher in every sense of the word: legitimacy in our product and its ingredients; socially responsible in our treatment of people, animals, and the environment; and committed to contributing to the physical, spiritual, and economic well-being required for a better world.

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