Two twenty-somethings, Neil and Nate, became fast friends through their love of food, drink, and squash (the racquet sport) and were active consumers in the Philadelphia food renaissance of the early 1980’s. They recognized that appreciating and enjoying good food required a level of awareness, focus, and gratitude that few people with high-velocity lives seemed to have.

As their friendship grew it took them on continually divergent professional and geographic paths. Neil, with a highly-disciplined engineering and business education, became a successful marketing executive in Corporate America and Nate, with a background in film production and education, followed his heart into the communal and education world, working at a major university and for national educational institutions.

All the while, Neil cultivated his love of interesting foods, flavors and tastes, which explains his current passion as a gardener of vegetables, herbs, and spices. Nate, too, grew to become a creative, amateur chef and connoisseur of fine wines and spirits.

When each of their professional worlds was disrupted at about the same time, Neil and Nate recognized the need to retool their occupations in search of new opportunities.  Neil became interested in exotic seasonings after traveling along the ancient Spice Route on a 300-mile bicycle trek from Jerusalem to the Red Sea. He learned the science and art of fermentation and was soon making spicy sour pickles to the delight of friends, family, and community, leading to a growing following at farmers’ markets and food events.  

Nate then urged Neil to focus his blossoming spice and seasoning expertise to create a unique hot sauce using ingredients with biblical roots for which Nate already had a brand name—Burning Bush.  As a career marketer, Neil fell in love instantly with the name and spent the next two years creating a distinctive sauce that would live up to the biblical proportions its namesake.

Today, Nate and Neil are the proud founders, producers, and marketers of Burning Bush® sauces and seasonings, uniquely delighting foodies and heat-seekers alike with both heat and flavor that evoke the village squares of Mexico and the ancient spice trading routes of the Holy Land.  Produced lovingly in small kettles, Neil and Nate use only carefully and reliably-sourced ingredients to assure the freshest and fullest flavors possible. Every batch is tasted and tested, noting the exciting, natural variations in taste, texture, and sensation. Only after Neil approves each batch is every bottle of Burning Bush then hand-filled, sealed, and labelled.

We are Burning Bush Foods: creators and producers of outstanding new flavor sensations catering to heat-seekers and other passionate lovers of exceptional savory cuisine. Tasting is believing.